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I’ve worn many hats throughout my life. When I’m not wearing a chef hat or a beanie cap to protect my ears from Maine’s freezing winters, I am an educator at a top university, I advise students who are working on their doctorate degrees, and I am the father of two amazing young adults. Wearing these many hats, especially those in various educational roles, has enabled me to see the world through different perspectives. As a result, I have also grown concerned with the value and quality of educational resources currently being marketed on the web. Whether you’re a working professional, struggling student, or a homeschooling mom, this website should provide you and your family with the information you need to make informed decisions about which online educational tools are right for you.

– Dr. Drew

One comment on “About Dr. Drew

  1. You have an impressive site, my hat off to you (my educator’s hat). I thank you for your comment on my own educational site: jcsprenger.com. I checked Educator.com and, as you state, parents would do well to register their kids for whatever turoring they require.

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