3 comments on “Why Technoloy Cannot Replace Teachers

  1. I agree, I just posted about some of these issues, too. After experiencing a complete ‘freeze and stumble’ lecturing online where the whole class was on the other end of the ether. I never realised just how much that interpersonal dimension, the small clues in body language and facial expression impact on what I am going to say next and how I am going to say it. Also due to technical difficulties the students do not have much chance to directly feed back on my teaching, even simply asking a question becomes an inhibitor instead of something that thrives the discourse.

    • Yes, Nathalie, even the smallest facial expression or gasp or sigh makes a big difference in how we as teachers and students interact in the classroom. And so much of teaching is improvisation. You bounce off what your students give you and reply based on their responses. There is a particular flow and energy to the classroom dynamic that is lost when you teach a subject online. Thank you for your comment.

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