24 comments on “Thattutorguy.com: He’s a Tutor, Not a Teacher

  1. Yeah theres something about his personality that seems “faggy” and i can’t make myself trust him. His the…you need not the lectures you don’t also makes me feel like hes a scam.

    Finally i saw his ad as i went to watch a Patrick JMT vid. Those are awesome and free.

  2. this review is bullshit, i totally disagree.by the way when you said chris is contradicting and talking about his teaching skills, tutors are private teachers, typically one who teaches a single student or a very small group.So technically they would have their own teaching methods.something else id like to point out is that you have typos too so dont point out his if you have so many retard. you should have included statistics in your review before asking to see his resume, if he is effectively teaching students than you shouldn’t be talking. when you talk about chris being rude.he is pointing out the truth, lectures are annoying and nobody likes them, unless your some 70 year old professor just hating on him.
    overall i disagree with your review, but it was effective, and well done.

  3. Maybe “Anonymous” just needs to grow some chest hair, like a real man. Only weeaboos and androgynous tai-lady-boys shave their chest.

    As far as this review goes, I think you should stick to the actual subjects and his content. Not nit-picking a few typos or finding what you perceive as “contradictions” in his mission statements. For example, he simply means that he doesn’t sit there like a college professor and drag on 20 minutes of information for 2 hours to fill time in an attempt to validate his or her paycheck. He’s to the point in all his videos, as you already stated in your review.

    One key thing that I like in his videos is that he does examples and points out “burn” problems. I would often ask teachers a hypothetical question on a subject, and they would blow it off and say “don’t worry about it”, then proceed to apply the concept I was asking about into the test, causing problems. Chris tends to not only do a lot of examples, but point out and explain these kinds of things. Like the difference between (-2)^2 and -2^2.

    The search function also works really well for finding specific topics, better then youtube and other sites I’ve tried.

    Is website worth the price? Well I’ve paid $35 an hour for a personal tutor, racking up a huge bill, but found $1 a day price tag of thattutorguy to not only be far cheaper, but also much easier to get information from.

    Sure there’s plenty of free resources out there, but sifting through different youtube channels, searching google and fishing around is time that could have been spent studying.

    If you’re broke and living off noodle cups, you might wanna save your money. But if you got spare change, I think the $1 a day is hardly a waste for what the site offers.

  4. this man spoon feeds everything to you losers! You guys are complaining? Suck it up, he shits on every person that I’ve witnessed preaching their knowledge!

  5. “Chris says he isn’t a teacher, but in a later video on his philosophy page he explains his “teaching style.” He’s contradicting himself”

    I feel you’re just being difficult with the above criticism. You understand full well how he is using the word “teaching” in this context. Let’s not slice semantic hairs. Your other points are well received.

  6. This guy seems to be a bit of a narcissist, I prefer KhanAcademy so far, it has videos on most subjects and teaches you from scratch, however, the videos are in steps, so let’s say you want to learn quadratics, to actually start knowing quadratics you need to go back and learn polynomials first.

    It’s all pretty thorough though, it’s like an online lecture, for free!

  7. I’ve used thattutorguy.com and find it useful to review all the videos prior to a final. I don’t think his site is (nor is it intended to be) a replacement for traditional teaching. That said, Chris explains things in a way which really reinforces and clarifies the material I’ve learned over the semester.

    As far as being able to view the videos in any order….. I think that claim is intended for students like myself who are comfortable with the basics but struggling with a particular concept. In this case, it’s nice to be able to navigate to the topic I want without wading through the preceding videos, searching for the concept. It stands to reason that a student who has no prior knowledge of a subject like trigonometry, for example, would need to start at the beginning.

    Being able to focus on the concepts being discussed rather than his personality (or chest hair for crying out loud) is something which comes with age. I don’t care for the clothes my professor wears or the silly math puns he throws out in predictable 15 minutes increments, but I’m mature enough to overlook it and focus on what’s being taught.

    One final thought: I think the site is too expensive. I don’t think what’s offered is worth $30 a month. $10 a month seems more appropriate.

  8. I have to say that I did find him “Chris” to be a little cocky at times(especially during his videos). I did pay for the $7 trail and I cant say I regret it nor I am glad I did it.
    I found the way he teaches a little interesting, he “tutors” by just doing problems and explains the way to approach it. Also, It seems that he assumes you know a lot of the short cuts as well as how to use algebra perfectly which I believe at times might be necessary to show those little extra steps to fully show what he is doing.
    I also found several mistakes during the videos. I wish there was a way to show those mistakes and let the watcher know about them. Youtube those seem to be better at this with the little messages they have popping around that the author can add after the mistakes have been found.

    I have to admit, that everyone learns different but, I have found that he is not the right person for me.
    Youtube does offer a lot of free videos with different people teaching (PatrickJMT, etc.) material differently and this actually helps me more than just having one guy do everything.

    I wish he did offer a few more free videos so that this shows you how he “tutors” the material and gives you a better point of view to see if you would like to actually pay for his service.

    His website claims that it is a $7 trail for seven days and $30 after every month. However, whenever I found myself canceling the service after my trail was over, he offers you a $17/month ONE TIME DEAL OFFER.

    Again, he is not for me but if you find you like him you should definitely try him out.
    I do think his attitude should change a little bit though (maybe its just me but he does come across a little high of himself or something like that) or its just me.

  9. I’m in need of serious help with my math course. If you’re going to say that other services are better for the money, could you provide some examples?

  10. I feel that Chris is…alright. His explanations are pretty thorough and he keeps your attention. But seeing as I’m still a minor, showing TTG website to my parents was a little awkward. I wanted my parents to subscribe after I watched a couple of his free videos, but they declined. Chris kind of lacks the polish that other sites that offer subscriptions have. Another thing: why is his more expensive than some others? His teaching (but he’s not a teacher?) philosophy speaks for itself, but I can’t see myself paying that much for it, when Youtube is free and unlimited.

  11. Hi Dr. Drew,

    Chris from ThatTutorGuy.com here! I wish I had known you were reviewing our site, so that we could have comped you a membership so that you and your daughter could look around and actually watch some of the videos rather than basing your review on a few cosmetic elements of the <1% of the site which is visible to non-members.

    Because you didn't sign up, the majority of your comments concern written content on a few obscure "about us" pages which almost nobody even looks at. As the commenter above remarked, students don't come to the site for my biograpy or philosophy (or chest hair for that matter), nor do they care what label I self-apply to my services (tutoring, teaching, helping, etc.). All that matters is that our customers get the math (and soon science) help they need, and as you can see from the lovely comments on our facebook page, our customers are grateful and happy and give the videos lots of credit for improving their relationship with math! (And for every comment on our facebook page, there are 20 more people who emailed us directly.)

    I'm so excited to have helped so many people in the short time the site has been up, and I look forward to helping many more. Since I'm sure many students find your review when considering signing up for our site, please contact me directly to try the site out rather than judging from a few typos!

    happy teaching (and learning),

  12. I am new to thattutorguy’s website, but taking your comments at face value they were not very elucidating concerning his ability and seemed superficial…doesn’t seem like you have a problem with his effectiveness yet you highlight the most irrelevant observations which adds nothing to the discussion…which is whether students should invest our scant resources for his tutor ledge.

  13. Love your honesty when it comes to these reviews!!

    Think you should def have a table where you list your top picks for online education sites and put it on your homepage!! I personally thjnk it would be very helpful to first time visitors.

  14. you complain about typos but at the end of your post you write ”worst” when it should be ”worse”.
    I think thatturorguy has an annoying, too many hand gestures, faggy personality. I disagree that people will enjoy his personality he seems weird and needs to shave his chest hair. His explanations are also crap, and he doesnt’ seem too reliable. You can get better vids free from youtube.

    • Thank you for the correction! I’m not sure if “faggy” is the best word to describe him or if his chest hair influences his teaching, but I do agree… there are much better videos on Youtube. I appreciate your comment. If you feel strongly about any other instructional websites or think I should write a review about any one in particular let me know!

      • ive got anothe word for it. anonymous up there is a rampant, flaming homophobic douchebag, and you should delete that comment. holy christ.

    • the site promises that if you cancel you’ll still get the time you paid for, that’s not true because I signed up for six months and cancelled so it wouldn’t run over and my access to the site was denied.

  15. While I agree with you that typos and grammatical errors take away from the professional feel of a website, I must say that the core issue you have with Chris is not that he does not have a grasp of the subject, etc. but your issues with him are on matters that are not particularily important to math students who need guidance on a subject.
    I found out about Chris earlier this evening on youtube while searching for a video on Calculus Derivative Functions. His explanation of the subject was so wonderful, to the point and thorough, that I am considering subscribing to his website.
    Most students will “forgive” Chris for any deconstructive remarks so long as he clears the topic for them.

    • He is a very engaging tutor that does a good job explaining math topics. I believe I highlighted that point in my review. I can only offer my opinion on different educational sites and share my family’s experiences with the services. I did find a lot of contradicting statements on his website, but of course that does not take away from his ability to teach a math problem. I appreciate your feedback. Every common adds a different and valuable perspective.

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